Search Tips

We have more than 8000 stock items listed on our website so it can by a daunting task to locate the exact products that you may be looking for. This article aims to highlight the powerful search function of our website.

Our search function is divided into two parts namely the predictive search and broader listings search.

Predictive search:

This predictive search highlights 15 items that most closely matches your search criteria. If you where searching for a "binocular", entering the word "binocular" will list 15 alphabetically sorted binoculars. This in its self isn’t very useful if you your search criteria is very broad; so to be more specific, you can add the word "nikon" to the search that will then list only the top 15 nikon binoculars. Your search phrase then looks like this "binocular, nikon".

This search will only list "binoculars" that are of the "nikon" brand.

Once you have located your item in the list loaded, you can simply click on the product of interest or use your arrow keys to navigate to the match and press enter on your keyboard.

Examples of valid search phrases: "binocular, nikon" or "nikon, binocular" or "nikon, bino, dcf"

Listings Search:

Adding to the explanation of the Predictive search; if at any time you press enter while typing your phrase or when you click on the search button, the website will execute your search criteria as a broad search listing every item that has the word "binocular" in it’s name or in it’s description.

If you where the enter "nikon, binocular", you will find all "nikon" products and all "binoculars" listed.

You can then navigate through the listings and locate your product of interest.

Technically, it is possible to search our website using the URL. In example. will execute the same search as the predictive search. will respectively execute the same search as the Listings search.

This function is useful when you want to send a link to your friend or use our search from your website.