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Rifle .300 Wsm Mag Tikka T3 Hunter

Product Code: TIT3H300WSM     Availability: In Stock

  • R 15 900.00
Rifle .300 Wsm Mag Tikka T3 Hunter

The Tikka T3 Hunter is for the shooter looking to achieve top performance through innovation, while at the same time preferring classic styling and feel. The T3 Hunter offers an extensive caliber selection for hunting and sport shooting. It's an œold world platform based on modern innovation, and takes you to a new level in accuracy, reliability, and shooting enjoyment. The concept behind Tikka T3 is simple, pure, and performance-oriented. A rifle consists of two components - one made of steel and one made of wood or composite. For performance the steel is the more important part, and there we use Sako irons. The stock must be pleasant to handle and provide a steady and reliable platform for the steel to deliver the load. What the Sako gunsmiths did was to go back to basics and totally rethink the stock. We welcome every rifle owner, regardless of price or make preference to come and benchmark the Tikka T3's performance against their old rifles. We believe the only way to match the T3 is to go to a custom shop and invest several times the price. If even then. Tikka T3 offers no gilded engravings, no extra cup holders or delicate polished wood - just incredible out-of- the-box accuracy, silky smooth operation and uncompromising reliability with Sako's beautiful finish and rigorous attention to detail as standard. With the Tikka T3, you hit one of the most difficult targets in the shooting world: true value.

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