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Evakool Icekool Limited Edition Khaki 47L

Product Code: IK045     Availability: In Stock

  • R 2 395.00
Evakool Icekool Limited Edition Khaki 47L

EvaKool’s IceKool is the perfect combination of quality, performance, durability and price. IceKool iceboxes are your value for money option if you are looking for a quality icebox. EvaKool have used their extensive icebox knowledge to create an icebox with EvaKool’s superior insulation able to hold ice for up to 5 days!* at a very reasonable price. Ideal for family picnics, at the beach, fishing, camping, boating or parties. The tough polyethylene cabinet and light colour ensures low heat absorption so the icebox will deliver maximum performance even in the harshest Australian climates. The unit is surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy and tough. The thick lid is strong enough to be used as a seat or table and the handles can be used as tie down points. A drainage bung can be used for emptying water from the box which, if done regularly, will maximise the life of your ice. The smooth walls make the box easy to clean and reduce food tastes and smells sticking to the surface. EvaKool’s quality fittings ensure no risk of rust or corrosion.

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